OK, now is a more clear what we have here.

I wont lie, or try to make the things brighter as they are. I always said that RUMBLE is something for the small ones. If you have a viewer base and a public, and 1million views a month, then most probably, Rumble is not for you.
It is true, with Rumble, you have exposure which usually you won't necessarily have (MSN, YAHOO, AOL etc.), but then again, with 1 million+ views a month, what could you need more?
Back to your video, I was expecting something else. It is clear, and I will be straight forward on this one, for the 7K from other platforms, don't expect more than 10$-20$.

I think, that Rumble is like a gamble for the "big ones" like you. You took the gamble, and turned out that is not really what you expected.
@rusticman1973 don't know what to tell you. I still think that the reason you have higher CPM numbers on your other videos is because your videos are longer and thus provide more ad clicking opportunity. That plus the built in and loyal viewership is huge.

I had a 20 sec video hit nearly 6 million on YT and it only made about $350 per million views. $2,000 per million is the high HIGH mark. Average is usually between $500-$1,500. But that's for all of YT short videos and long. Of course there are variables and exceptions. But then my video got picked up on tv stations and made $300-$500 per syndication. It also did nearly a million views on partner sites so I am looking forward to seeing the profits.

What was your deal you made with Rumble? Was it the standard 90/10 for YT and 60/40 for partner sites? Or was it something else?


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@rusticman1973 78% of the traffic came from an embedded player and 62% of the traffic came from outside of the USA. Regardless of whether its our Adsense or yours, the earnings would be the same. Those two items would dramatically affect the difference in earnings. The views you get on your own channel are most likely on YouTube views, which have a much better fill rate and CPM. When 78% of the views come from the embedded player, you will lose those high rates, its natural.

Additionally, slandering Rumble is not necessary. You've had success in the past with Rumble, and its probably why you came back this time. Its only been a few weeks, at least give Rumble the chance to show you how it performs when the revenue comes in.

Success is not guaranteed, but we certainly try our best.


There's just been another Profit Sharing Disbursement sent out today by Rumble Video for Off YouTube Earnings. These earnings are from October 2014, which is quite a delay, but they did finally show up.

It was a pleasant surprise to see several of the following emails appear throughout the day...

Good news! New earnings have just been posted to your account!

To view this and other earnings please go to your Account Transactions page.



If you have questions about Rumble Profit Sharing... I provide many answers at and still highly recommend Rumble Video. The profits are worth the wait!


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I forgot to add this here, but I also did a rumble review on youtube because one of my subs didn't believe how much I made :) It's higher now, I love rumble! Here is my review or info


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I have a question in regards to how my OWN YOUTUBE channel is affected when I upload the same video from my channel to the Rumble platform. If I choose the profit sharing model, the earnings from my own youtube channel are not garnished in anyway from the same video, are they?


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You get 90%. But you also get access to 90% on Rumble's YouTube channel and 60% everywhere else we take you. So the 10% loss is more than made up with the other distribution.


WOW! I don't know what to think about the new UI.
It is something you have to get used to, I think...
Other opinions?
I can't really imagine how can you say that, before you even get the first pay-out.
Remember that your 4million+ views are YT and other combined, where you can NOW only see the reports and estimations for the YT money.
Even if you have more than half YT views, I can hardly imagine that you won't make the big cash...
But I would only say, be FAIR, wait for the first payment, and throw the MUD only after. ;)
Turned out that even after 5 years rustiucman1973 was correct!!!!