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We've been getting a lot of requests for reviews on and wanted to highlight a few reviews. These are all 3rd party reviews (except for my question and answer sessions with VideoCreators) and we do not endorse or verify the accuracy of the reviews. They are entirely 3rd party opinions and reviews.

Blogger Reviews:

YouTube Reviews: (Question & Answer)

If you created a review, please reply here and I will update the list accordingly.


I've checked out ALL of the above reviews and personally found the first one to be the best. I've been saving several new videos to post on Rumble in the near future and have enjoyed watching the evolution of Rumble Video over the past year. I just released a NEW related blog post and hope that it ranks as high on page one of Google as my first post did for the keyword "Rumble Video". It's titled "Rumble Video Profit Sharing" Best wishes always.


We've been on the run driving in the sun looking out for number one california here we come right back where we started from.



@jessed @BenW @cseh_17 I thought my comment was worthy of an LOL too! Thanks! @brenmichelle Thank you! Please ask @chrisrumble to give ME an ongoing 10% of your earnings (paid by Rumble as a referral fee, not you) for helping you make your decision to join RUMBLE... your videos are really great and I can use the extra $. ;) Best wishes always!


@brenmichelle, Thank you for the support! I'll let you know when the referral money starts rolling in. If it's enough... I'll send you a Starbucks Gift Certificate in the near future.


@christrumble At this time, I've had 338 impressions on MY Referral Registration Page and only 1 actual "Referral" signed up under MY Account. I KNOW that a lot of people have seen and many more will see MY Post(s) about Rumble and I suspect that for some reason I'm NOT getting credit. Do you have any ideas on how to fix and/or improve My Conversion Rate? I've always intended to work the "Referral" plan (as every member should) and gain 10% of the amount earned by members that sign up under me. Your thoughts and insights are appreciated. Thank you and best wishes always.
Same boat here Yates13, 582 impressions and 25 referrals but have seen no money from them. Also our videos go out to way more buyers than the ones listed on our video page yet we never get to see who they are. If you do a google search of some of your popular video titles you may be surprised to see where they are playing. If Rumble can follow what the analitics page on youtube does it would be way more clear for all of us. At least I hope they do in the near future.


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I've earned some money from a referral who's name is visible to me, so it's working. I agree that it would be nice to see the other referals names and all the platforms my videos are on. Rumble is a young platform, so I hope and think that it will be available in the near future


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Rumble is a joke! They claim they make you more money then youtube this is total b.s. I recently licenced rumble to handle a video I had made about my folding picnic table. There were lots of fine promises but when it came to brass tax they failed miserably. I am no novice video creator I have been making youtube videos for over 2 years and know several people who have had viral videos aswell. I average over just a million views a month on my channel what's really sad is i am making more money on my million veiws then the nearly 4 million views on the the video I let rumble license. Thank you Rumble for taking food out of my childrens mouths and costing my family thousands of dollars. While I only know a hundred or so creator I have 130 thousand subscribers and I will make it my mission to save others from being ripped off by


I can't really imagine how can you say that, before you even get the first pay-out.
Remember that your 4million+ views are YT and other combined, where you can NOW only see the reports and estimations for the YT money.
Even if you have more than half YT views, I can hardly imagine that you won't make the big cash...
But I would only say, be FAIR, wait for the first payment, and throw the MUD only after. ;)
@rusticman1973 If it really has only been two weeks since you uploaded that video to Rumble I would give go with what @cseh_17 says. Wait till you get your partner site payments come in.

Tell me more details about your issue. What type of licensing/deal did you make with Rumble? Also, I only see your original YT video on your channel and none on Rumble Viral's. I'm guessing they advertised to partner sites and allowed you'd video to stay put, is that correct? Did the video not perform well on the partner sites? I also saw that you mention an illegal FB post with your content which I can relate to. My best video had more than 50 MILLION views over three unlicensed FB post. But, in those cases, Rumble was proactive about seeking restitution legally and hopefully that comes through. I can update you when it does though legal stuff always takes a long time.

I am still waiting for the bulk of the partner site payments for that same video and will be able to attest it's performance compared with YT.

But back to the point. Give me as much detail as you can as to why you feel the way to do. I am genuinely interested in your experience and what you feel worked and didn't work with Rumble.



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@csesh_17 @ThrowbackHomeVideos As of this morning according to rumbles Stats I have 3,664,044 views on you tube and 7,265 views on other channels. Some how I don't think waiting the 4 or five months till money starts coming in from other places is going to make any difference at all. I can not speak to the future I can only report what i see now. And what I see now is a company that falsely represents its self, pays less then a third of what adsense does, takes twice as long to pay you as adsense does and does not return emails. I am not just pulling numbers out of the air, i have done my due diligence and have seen analytic reports from other you tubers as well as my own. And the bottom line is Rumble pays a third the amount adsense does and takes twice as long to pay you. Not exactly what i would call a great business model. Now that being said I am new to rumble and if somehow the numbers magically start adding up I will remove my comments and apologize. But until such a time I am will continue to voice my opinion. Load and clear.
@rusticman1973 What are your numbers for YT (money wise). If you'd rather PM me the numbers that's fine. It is unfortunate that your partner sites views are so low compared to YT.

What are you referring to when you compare them to Adsense? Because, as fare as I know, Rumble uses Adsense for their YT videos too. Is it their return or CPM that you are unhappy with? You say your video has earned a third of what it should, how did you come to that conclusion?

You are new to Rumble and patience is the key with this site and how it works and if it works well for you. They are way behind (about 4 weeks) on replying to general emails and the system they have to receive payments can be very slow and definitely tests your patience when you're expecting a big payday. Continue to say whatever you want, I am no censor.

Did you have a non exclusive license with Rumble? One thing to bare in mind as videos gain more views is that it is typical, when a video goes viral like yours, for earnings to drop a bit as many more people are viewing the video who are not clicking as many ads. Also, your video is only 35 seconds long. This means less time to be engaged and click ads. Your other video on YT which has 600k+ views is 8 minutes long and with that many views should have a lot better ad performance because there is more time (about 16x) for a viewer to click an add and make you more money.

At the end of the day, at least this is one way to look at it, your video got 3 million more views than your next best video on your channel. And even better is that it is linked to your channel and not Rumble's so the exposure is very valuable too.


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Its $2,665.00 for 3.7 million views. I average 1,100,000 views a month on my channel excluding the numbers from this viral video. And i average well over $2,000 a month on just that 1.1 million views. I have also reached out to 3 other creators who have viral videos ranging from 50 seconds long to 3 minutes long and there adsense pay out was also over 2 thousand per million views. Thats were the numbers stand. Yes I am new to rumble, i am not new to you tube. And as far as patience is concerned it has little to do with it. When it comes to thousands of dollars of my money. If rumble cant handle there own emails then hire help.