Rumble claimed my video on YouTube. What to do?

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I just got a copyright claim by Rumble Inc on my channel on youtube.
the video is mine and I upei him here in the Rumble and upei it on my channel and also put his link in the description here at the Rumble.
I wonder what I do with this claim Rumble ??

and any video I level up here and also level up on youtube, the Rumble will claim the rights?
because if so, I'll have to start making exclusive videos for the Rumble, since my youtube channel is monetized.

video link on my youtube channel

Video link here in my Rumble channel

the video is of my authorship with the right to monetization of the game and an audio Creative Commons
You don't do anything. It appears Rumble has selected your video to have premium or limited distribution. They claim the YouTube video as well so they can keep tabs on it but don't worry, you still get revenue earned from your video. You still retain ownership of the video, just Rumble can license it out. Nothing to worry about. This is a good thing.


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If you selected Video management when you uploaded you sold Rumble exclusive rights to your video. This means you cannot monetize it anywhere else.


However though, Rumble will montetize it for you, sou you will still earn the money on it, but through Rumble.


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@fabriciogames1 the responses you just received are correct but they did not mention that Rumble does get a piece of your earnings from your youtube upload. If you have a good channel on youtube with lots of followers than you are correct for thinking about making content specifically for Rumble and Youtube. I just started doing this myself about a month ago. My biggest reason for doing this is how much it helps my sales on youtube. When viewers watch 1 of my videos on youtube they then have the chance to watch others after as well and that heightens curiosity and then leads to a sale. Not to mention if they do go to more of my videos is creates more adsense money coming in.


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i just uploaded a video to rumble, it seems it's already viewable. I was under the impression it had to be reviewed to be managed by rumble. how do i know if it was accepted and will be distributed/advertised by rumble?


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