Rumble battles for August 13th, 2020


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Is anyone else as amazed as I am??
I watched EinsteinParrot take a solid lead and not look back. And that part makes sense. His following is incredible and his charisma is undeniable. The 30 point lead was well deserved.
Then suddenly...another video dethroned the world's favourite bird and took a thirty-none point lead. Three other videos from this channel made a sudden appearance on the leaderboard. Their surge ahead was equally impressive.
I don't like to be critical of the content, but that channel's candidates today don't seem as well produced or as well filmed as Einstein.
The only word that comes to mind here is....."incredible".
If it's legitimate, I'll throw out an apology for even raising the question, but I bet I'm not the only one wondering.
Is there an error in this somewhere?