Rumble battle app won't let me play


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I got this message last night when I tried to play in the battle. I've not played in a couple of days. I reloaded the app (IOS), signed out, signed back in. Nothing worked. Why have I been removed from the playground? 😢



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I dont get it. They accused me of voter fraud. Which I did not do. I have family members that signed up with their own accounts... my son, my daughter, my hubby and my mom. Which is only 4 extra. Big deal. The new video I put on today is now in 1st and I told my family not even to go on!! Which is sad. I emailed them, messaged them, and heard nothing back yet. So frustrating!!
I find if it's the weekend they usually will respond by Monday, lets hope that is the case. I have not been able to play for three day's now. I'm sure someone from Rumble will get back to you by tomorrow.