Right This Minute wants to use my video, but Rumble didn't accept it yet: what to do?


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Hi fellow Rumblers, I have a little question;
Yesterday I uploaded a video to my YouTube-channel of my dog stealing socks from the laundry bin. At the same time I uploaded it to Rumble, which is now about 23 hours ago.
In the meantime, I got an email from a producer of the program 'Right this Minute', stating they want to use my video on their digital platforms and maybe in their TV show as well, all with full credit to me. There is nothing stated about any compensations.

What would you do in this position? Waiting for Rumble to accept the video (if they will, and if it's soon), or tell them to go ahead and use it already?
And do any of you have any experience with Right This Minute?

It's about this video:


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I couldn't tell you about rumble to leave it on or off, you must decide that, but what I can tell you is: Right This Minute pay for videos! So never ever give anything away for free ( to anybody for that matter) , ask for payment, negotiate don't except just what they tell you. If you want it easier than let rumble do the deal for you! And another tip, Right this minute saying you get full credit like it's something great, well it isn't! They get millions of views and you get nothing! You're name somewhere hidden in the text doesn't give you anything! So don't let them use it without any payment. Just my opinion.


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I'll be waiting to see if Rumble accepts the video for full or not; if they do then I will ask them to contact Rumble. Thanks for the info, otherwise I might have been going like 'go ahead, use it'.
What do you guys do when you are still pending Rumble acceptance, and are asked by others if they can use your video somewhere? (not for licensing, but if they can use it somewhere)