remixing an old video


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There is an old video that I sold the rights to rumble... It hasn't done that well. But I think I could use the raw images and video and create a better quality video. Would I be able to do this and reupload it as a new video? or would i be violating the copyright of the old video?


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It doesn't violate anything. I have always understood that you can do another version of a video......modify, re-edit, redo, change title, text.... etc and upload to rumble. I have seen others do that in an attempt to get full distribution. Sometimes it works.


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I reuse clips quite often. Sometimes I do a very similar version of an old video for several reasons. I've learned new editing skills so it can be just about using a new technique or it can be about changing the focus of a video to tell a slightly different story. Sometimes I simply chop a two minute video down to 40 seconds. Trying to go from limited distribution to a front page version might be the goal but you can do this with videos that get front page promotion the first time too.
No matter how you look at it, Rumble doesn't seem to mind. Everybody wins.


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If it goes limited, I don't think it would hurt to go ahead right away. Only your subscribers would even notice. If it gets approval for promotion, I'd wait a few weeks or more. The viewers seeing it on the third party sites are more likely to watch it if it isn't too close behind the last one.
If it gets limited, you may not need to change much. But it it gets promotion, the point of doing a second video would be if it has a very different flavour.