Referrals are harder to get than subscribers.

@boomerangsbyVic Time flies faster than even a boomerang, doesn't it? I now have 532 impressions and still only 1 referral. Sadly, that 1 referral is only 2 cents behind your 26 referrals. They're all a bunch of slackers! Best wishes always and good luck for a happy ending regarding your lawn mower video.
@Yates13 LOL this is true my friend but we can't get that time back like a boomerang. I guess I find it hard to think that not 1 of the 26 I have isn't selling anything. Would be even nicer if I knew who these 26 were so we could communicate. Maybe give them some tips or what not. Anyhoo, maybe in another year we will LOL
@boomerangsbyVic Very well said about time and boomerangs. Time is here and then gone, but boomerangs are here and back again every time, at least in the hands of a boomerang master like you. Here's a shameless link to your YouTube Channel...

BTW: Even when your 26 minions collectively NET $100 (which at their current pace won't happen in your lifetime), you'll still only NET $10. I've been secretly hoping that YOU were MY one (1) referral and I've been patiently waiting for a Big Payday to appear on my earnings report. Keep earning money on Rumble and I'll keep hoping.
Hi @brenmichelle Did YOU actively recruit that referral? How many total impressions do you now have (you only had 3 in December 2014) , how many other referrals do you have (you had 0 in December 2014) and how much money have the others earned you? Thank you for sharing and I still wish that YOU were my referral. Congratulations and best wishes always!
Hi @Yates13! Yes I did recruit her after we had talked a bit on my youtube page. I have 16 referrals now but I have a feeling few are really active. I only have made about 3 dollars from another one but otherwise I haven't seen anything from the others. Hopefully they are just working on their perfect video :)


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I have 4 registered page impressions but 18 referrals. I don't think the two are really connected.
If you talk to friends and family about Rumble, or even strangers, you can give them your email address and show them how to get set up. I'm new here but I've had some decent success and I find it easy to talk about how simple it is.
My last referral was a nice lady I met at the airport. Anybody with a GoPro will usually be thrilled to hear how to pay for their investment. Most people will ask you about your GoPro too and comment on the expense. Mine have all paid for themselves.

I've only made about a dollar from referrals so far. Most people get discouraged when their first three tries don't go viral. I was lucky that I earned enough from the early videos to keep me interested. Then when third party payments came at six months, I was sorry I didn't upload more. I assume that most people will get more interested if they also enjoy some third party success. I'm waiting for them to catch on.
I figure the first part is get them signed up and producing content and the earnings will come eventually.
I'm going to carry business cards with my contact info.
and now theres me David Mcnab, your newest referral, thanks for your "coaching" , and it was great meeting you in the airport( seems a good place to catch the gopro carriers) , I'm excited for what the future holds for me with Rumble. Apparently, i am an addict , as my wife says. Alls good
here is the link to one of my latest submissions, hope those on here can enjoy . Please ,like, share and SUBSCRIBE. Lots more to come .


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Always a pleasure to meet a fellow GoPro and diving enthusiast. Welcome to Rumble. Great start with all the videos too. I'm looking forward to more.
I'm an addict as well.

@brenmichelle I'd love to hear the official word on the referral bonus, but I'm always happy to tell people about Rumble either way. This has been a lot of fun.