Referrals are harder to get than subscribers.


I've got 242 impressions on My Referral Page and only 1 referral. You're conversion rate is a lot better than mine. ;-)


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195/10 the best on the east and west, but without funds with refs :( what going on ?
528 impressions and 23 referrals. I think the thing that helped me was to post a video on youtube making people aware of this. Still though my stat page only shows 2 referred users and only .02 cents on each.
Hi Yates13, yes I am able to see them but not able to click on them to view there profile. Would like to see what they are posting for videos.


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boomerangsyvic, you can see their videos by typing name for example mine would be I agree with you though and wish people would put links to their channel on their name.
@Yates13 it has been awhile since we wrote last. I think a year LOL. Has anything changed on your end as far as referrals? I know have 663 impressions and 26 referrals. Commissions earned is still the same at 02 cents LOL.


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@vishdsrv I still can change the description of a video managed by Rumble on my youtube channel. Not on the youtube channel of Rumble because I'm not the owner of the channel. Or do you mean the description here on Rumble? (isn't possible)