Refer Creators to Rumble and Get Paid.


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We offer an amazing 5% commission on all referred users to Rumble. This is an industry first for a video platform and an unprecedented amount for a social website.

It’s pretty simple, if you know good content creators send them your referral link, their earnings are untouched and you receive 5% of their finalized earnings directly from us at Rumble.

Here's what your referral link will look like:
Hello @Mario, you do know that Newsflare is offering 10%? The only thing different is, it's easier with rumbles system where you got the registration link. Do you think you will offer 10% again?


Creator Support Team
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Hi Mickey,

I can't find were NewsFlare offers 10% but we do know that their revenue split is 50/50 while ours is 60/40. So you may make 10% if that's the case, but the actual video creator is not making as much as they would with Rumble.

Another thing to consider is how high is their CPM?, last time we checked we had the highest CMP so even thought our 5% sounds like half of their 10%, you will still do much better in Rumble as a creator and as a referrer.

We'll take a look at what we can do about this.
I think you have to have an account and videos with NewsFlare to see the 10% tip line. I know as a creator they offer 10% less than you. That's why I've got my videos on here :)