Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?

@jessed, I see a bird eating a cardboard box. It's safe to say many people would not find this interesting. Now if the bird was talking trash to the box, that is a different story.
@vishdsrv, here is some very good advice fore this video.

First, delete the video from rumble or make it not for sale (stay with me on this). You need to edit and re-upload this video to achieve maximum virility. Here's what you need to do:

1. Show the video in real time (as it is in the original video). Include any additional footage at the end, it cuts really quick after the strike. If there is more footage use an additional 2 seconds or so.
2. Show the video at half speed, ending it after you can see the smoke on the building.
3. Show the strike frame by frame, like 1-4 frames per second.

All this would be one clip. Most basic editing programs can do this and there are even free ones if you don't have one. But trust me, doing this makes the clip, which is good, much better. It's too bad that the person filming didn't have a "holy sh!t" reaction, because that helps videos like these too.

Finally, the title needs more edge and hook. Something like "Lighting Strikes Dangerously Close to Cameraman" or "Lightning Strike Burns Building". Something that describes the scene while adding a buzzword that helps with searches.

I hope you take my advice, I think it could help the video do something.


@ThrowbackHomeVideos As you said i am working on the video but the thing is i am afraid that it will reduce the clarity of the video...
i am done with the slow motion thing.. but i think zooming will blur the video.... because the camera used is of 8 mega pixels ...
lets see how it works out..
@vishdsrv Do what you like.

Of course it will degrade the video when you zoom, that's what digital zoom does. But it is what people who watch this video will want (which is all that matters because that drives views up!). As for slowing it down, that's what many videos like this do because people want to see the very instant of impact/strike. Do a search and see for yourself.

Besides having nearly 8 million views to my name on Rumble, I am also a professional filmmaker, I do Rumble as a fun hobby. I have directed a couple feature films and made a bunch of promotional videos and shorts. Online marketing and content creation are a big part of what I do. My suggestions are only based on experience and what has earned other similar videos hundreds of thousands of views (if not millions). Take it or leave it.
@cseh_17 When a video of mine gets sold I put it on Facebook and I usually already have a copy on YouTube. I'll spam it for a couple days, re-linking it to FB and tagging some friends who may share it, and after it's had it's run I stop. Also, if I think the video is good for certain sites, I try to reach out to the editors and get my video featured on their page/site.


Anyways I would like to ask you to stick to the title of the topic ;) If we need an other topic, just feel free to open one :)