Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?


hey guys I am new to rumble,I uploaded videos on rumble but they still pending..
Can u guys please tell me how much time does it takes to get your video approved.. and what is the best license for the video i mean selling the video partner with rumble..?
@vishdsrv Videos can take weeks to be approved. Looking at yours, my guess is that the only one that will be sold is the truck falling into the valley. The others, the planes, elephant, and trip are not viral material in my opinion. The truck one has some shock value though. Hopefully everyone was okay after the accident.

check out some of the other videos that have sold. A good place to start is rumble viral, rumble's youtube channel. Search for videos similar to yours to see what has sold and how it did. It will be a good start to supplying more successful content in the future.



Guys If my video gets approved in video management.. will rumble publish my video on YouTube or i should upload it on youtube..?
Sorry, I may have misread your post. If you choose exclusive then they will upload a video to their youtube channel. If you choose non-exclusive then they will use the users original youtube video, if it exists.


Ok. Something pretty interesting just happened to one of my videos, namely:

It is sold, since almost 2 weeks, and it did nearly 8k. But since yesterday, it took off again... Surprisingly on RUMBLE. I have an average of 700-800 views on Rumble, this one since 2 days, made 4k+. The funny thing is though, that I received for that 0,29$ in earnings.
Cool, hopefully it keeps going. Do a video search and I'll bet you can find the source. Good luck!

Anyone else have videos selling right now? How are they doing? I am hoping to submit some new content soon so we'll see.
Oh Jesus, @jessed is back! :) Why don't you rename the clip if you think that's what's holding it back? It's a bird in a box in a dark room. There isn't much excitement and nearly no sound or reaction at all. I searched for others online and there are a lot of videos like yours
I think it needs more flare and uniqueness if it is to go viral. I don't really get it though.

@cseh_17 It's always tough to guess what will do well. Just keep uploading good stuff and I'm sure you'll have another hit. Maybe be more selective in what you upload? I am fixing to upload a couple new ones soon. I really only upload what I think is the best of what I've got and it's worked out well so far. Nearly all of my videos have done well.



@ThrowbackHomeVideos I doubt that your channel is UP to DATE. You should check it.

One more thing. Do you guys, also use your own resources to distribute your content?
What I mean with that, do you share it, and if yes how many views do you think you can collect in average, and also which video do you share? (YT, MSN, AOL or Yahoo)