Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?

For every video, when you receive the profit sharing revenues you will receive up to 3 separate payment all the same day. The thing is though that it won't be specified which one is which, but you can presume after the number of views.


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I had four seperate profit sharing revenues on the same day for this video. There are only views shown by Rumble and Yahoo, so it is possible that the other two are of other platforms are MSN and ?
Thanks for your information @cseh_17
Do the "Rumble Earnings" include all platforms other than YouTube? I have only ever seen Youtube Earnings and Rumble Earnings listed on my balance and stats page. My rumble earnings have not come through yet, so I don't really know what to expect.


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It is possible that your video is also on MSN, Yahoo and AOL when it's sold. Those views are shown seperately, but the MSN views are not available.You can google your video to see on which platform it is shown.
If you had 4 that is perfect. One for Yahoo, one for MSN one for AOL, and one for all the others (like The Loop, or I don't know what). I hope you earned what you deserved for it. ;)
May I ask for which month are the payments?
I've had several videos lately get accepted. Easier to go to my channel and see how they are doing. 1 over 100k and others slowly gaining. Only problem is Microsoft is not showing views yet they are playing on there. Some from over a month ago.
I just wrote here a while ago, that the MSN counter is a bit buggy at this time.
@boomerangsbyVic it would be cool if you put a link to your channel in your profile description, as we all did, just to be easier to access it. Thanks!
Hi, I'm cathal, been on rumble a week now. I was approached to join rumble, was offered $125 non exclusive or the video management Option. I decided to roll the dice with video management! My video, was accepted and launched. It's currently at 64k views on all platforms, is this good, bad r ok?? I also have 6.4k on my youtube channel, will these b included also? How much am I likely to make?
@CKeane Welcome! When did the video go live? 64k is good if the video just released but if it's been a few days or a week then I wouldn't get my hopes up.

It's nearly impossible to say with any certainty how much you will make. I have seen YouTube videos earn from $300-$1000+ per million views on average. I cannot really speak for off YouTube earnings yet as I am waiting for my first big video's reports to come in.