Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?

@jessed I have to disagree with you there. The videos that do well have a lot in common. Though there can be a lot of luck and good timing involved too. Here are a couple things to try to evaluate videos. Is it more or less universally entertaining? Does it portray something unique, rare, or a hard to capture moment. Does the action (or moment) happen quickly, meaning you don't have to wait for something to happen (unless it's really really good). Other things to consider is good framing, no shaking camera, and good lighting.
Is it the video manager ( the person who recruited me ) who decide which videos they select to buy or not from me ? If so i will never sell any video on there. She lost my contract when she recruited me so i've not been paid 17 weeks ago ( ok we already know the story ). If so, im in bad situation because i think she dislike me.

The only reason i have join rumble was because she sent me 2 messages ( 1 month interval ) on my gmail telling me rumble want to buy my video for X amount upfront. I think overall it was a bad experience. Maybe i was just unlucky and she losted the contract for real. But its don't tell me why she stop to answer back to me.

And why is there no updates on ?

Could we see who are the referrals we have ? I wish to see the 7 referrals persons videos.

@cseh_17 5 days since you uploaded the video and already sold ? Then why people have videos rumbling for 20 weeks and more ? Why don't they just refuse them ? WHYYY WHYYYYYYYY. Your rumble rank might be super saiyen.
i have sold some and have some rumbling for 20 weeks. I don't run their business, they do. I have made thousands of dollars in a few months. If you focus on making good content and not on complaining, you will have better chance of doing well.
Disappointment again. My last video, with the ducks, made so far, only 822 views. At it seems that it was not sold to YAHOO, so it only runs on: YT, MSN and AOL.
Ok. A small correction. I said a while ago, that if nothing appears at Microsoft, that means that the particular video was not sold to them. FALSE! At seems that the MSN widget that should collect the views and other data is buggy.
Anyways, this doesn't affect the end reports, so the money will still come to you!
I also have 2 videos that are deleted now, but which for I already received my payments. I think they keep their platform clean, not like YT. Just saying...


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I received my payments, profit sharing revenues, for that video but I don't know, can't see, if the MSN views (many or just a few) are in that amount.