Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?


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The views report is delayed. My video reached a million views in about three weeks, but it took almost a full week for anything substantial to appear on my rumble account.
@cseh_17 here's the breakdown for my two videos that recently hit well.

Baby Sneezes 100x...
Rumble: 52K
YouTube: 106K
Yahoo: 10K
MSN: Not Available
AOL: 10K

Dad Films Son Everyday...
Rumble: 120K
YouTube: 2K
Yahoo: 35K
MSN: Not available

I have never had so many Rumble views. I heard that they have been working on their player for better sharing and add support. used rumble embeds for both of my video feature articles. So hopefully that's a good sign.


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Update after one week rumbling: My video "Powerful Wild Horses Scuffle With Each Other"

Rumble: 1098 views
Youtube: 1197 views
Yahoo: 9 views
AOL 4954 views

Strange that Yahoo still shows 9 views ( the same amount after shown after the first day). There were some troubles playing the video on the first day, but after that it played, but still only 9 views?????
I had a lot of facebook shares 1308!


@BenW The Yahoo figures take a much longer time, especially when the numbers a huge (10k+)
Anyways, with that amount of shares, it will be a big hit!
@jessed Honestly, I'm not sure what's happeing here. It's a bird chirping in a box. Is this something that other birds don't do? Maybe I am missing something, but what makes this video unique and viral?