Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?


All the music I use in my videos is licensed. Some I paid for, others have been made free from platforms like YouTube's creator's studio. So no, it's not obvious. I use music legally and am allowed to use it and make money with it when it's used in my content.

If you were to purchase/license a song for a video I would add a line in the description of the video saying that you have the license/rights to use and monazite and can provide proof. That way when you submit the video to rumble they (hopefully) will see that you have rights to the music and can sell the video.


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@ThrowbackHomeVideos, what I said it's obvious is that everyone knows that song; everyone knows you didn't write it; that's obvious. I've never implied that you're making money illegally.
Even when I used royalty free music from YT I've been told that was a problem, so yeah... it doesn't make much sense to me.
Some songs have different rights and permissions. They each can have specific uses attached to them and how you can and can't use them for monetization. I read the agreements/terms, do my homework, and find ones that are cleared.


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Im not really happy how things have turned out over here. I had a steady rise on my video to about 3k views then bam nothing. I feel I should have just kept it with youtube.


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<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>Source: <a target="_blank" href="">Bull Terrier refuses to let his owner stop rubbing his tummy</a> by <a target="_blank" href="">JonOwst</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Rumble</a></p>

I am very new to Rumble, I sold my first video a couple of weeks ago. Any advice on how best to promote it? I think I have added it properly here but will wait and see. It's great that there is such a strong community.


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YEY! I sold my first video in ONE WEEK! but somehow I don't expect much views... it's not the typical toddler/dog video, this one actually took some days of editing, and a lot more days recording :/ anyway, if you're going to London or you live there check this! If you are bored you can check it too ahah



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I don't think you can sell them outright anymore but could be wrong. In any case, if you think you have a video that will do really well, the Video Management is the best option in my opinion because you continue to make money as long as the video does. You will always make at least 60% of all revenue forever.


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Okay thanks for the reply. I have been doing a few lately with my dog and dog with young kids. Wanted to see which way to go with them.