Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?

Hey Guys,

I want to see what videos of yours have most recently sold and how they are doing.

I recently sold "Baby Sneezes 100 Times in 90 Seconds" and it went live on Friday (2/20/15)

It looks like it will dud as it seems to be slowing down already on YouTube and AOL with only 2,000 and 9,300 views respectively.

How are your videos doing? Let's keep it current (aka within the last week or so). And, if you like what others post, give it a like, share, or re-tweet to help it along.

Now let's see what you've got going on!

"Baby Sneezes" UPDATE: Looks like there's been a little surge in views. YouTube is up to 7,200 and AOL is over 16,000. It would be great if this trend continued!

Anyone else out there sell a video recently? How's it doing. Post its progress here!

Hmm, that's interesting. My video got accepted like almost a week ago.
And it got on to: YT, Yahoo and AOL. Until yesterday it made 4K on AOL and 4K on YT, which is good, because all of my sold videos did not more than 800+ views on AOL.
But then yesterday and today, AOL just exploded. 20K+

P.S. It's a bit annoying that the YAHOO views are not shown.
@cseh_17 It seems that some view reporting takes longer than others. I just had my Yahoo views post from a video that went live on their sight 10 days ago. AOL seems to have sporadic view reporting as well. But in the end it all comes in eventually and then you wait for payment.

Glad to see your video doing well, I think it's cute and funny.
"Baby Sneezes" UPDATE: Youtube and Rumble views surged to 18,500 and 9,400, but AOL has frozen at 16,100. I'm not sure if AOL stopped getting views or if the view count just hasn't updated. Anyway, doesn't look like it's going to go viral unless some new big site picks it up or something.
Do you know if Rumble encourages us to submit these videos to blogs ourselves, or do they want us to just stay out of their way? I was thinking you could submit your video to sites that would like it, but maybe Rumble already has and then they might be annoyed by a double submission?
I do all I can to help out my videos. I try and email sites that would be good for hosting the video and sometimes I get a response. They have always been pleasant and sometimes it works! With the volume of submissions that some of these sites get, I doubt that a double submission is uncommon.
Have you thought about doing a "spin-off" of your big for example making baby (non-weight) weights and you lifting real weights right next to your baby? That would be so cute. Sometimes things like this can bring more hits to both videos.
@brenmichelle, just remember that "Charlie bit my finger" also got a remake, that never did as good as the original. Actually it did so bad, it never got more than 150K views, and got later removed. Sometimes things just need to remain as they are. Good things come in small packages (in our case in small/short videos). If you try to remake, copy or imitate an original success, you won't succeed in 99% of the cases. But, this is just my opinion!
Yes I see what you are saying. I have just noticed on the pages where my videos are shown there is often a section saying "Related videos" so in that case, one sometimes leads to the next. But I do see your point!
"Baby Sneezes" UPDATE: Youtube views have continued a slow but steady rise to over 23,000. AOL remains frozen frozen at 16,100. Rumble views have doubled to over 18,000. Hoping the break 100K, eventually :). Unless something big happens, this will be my last "Baby Sneezes" update. I'll let you all know if another video of mine sells!
UPDATE: Well it looks like two of Marketing videos got featured on's FB pages. Generating about 120k views total. Also, the Youtube views for baby sneezes 100 times jumped to 6 digits.

So, we're at over 170k for sneezy. And, just over 100k for the thought to be done, Dad Films Son Everyday for an Entire Year.

I guess they've both got a chance of going viral after that great seeding campaign. So well see!
Sooo, 3 days so far, and I must say I am a bit disappointed. As a video with full distribution, I only made 365 views. Until now, all my videos did at least 5k+ in the first 3 days.