Received: cash out payment


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@Mario Sir I am using rumble from long time but my new comer friends saying that any amount more than 200 rumble is not paying. If amount is less than 200 it ll be paid but why not amount more than 200 is being paid?
Sir Waiting for your reply as my friends are worried about that.

I get paid regularly, even for amounts over $200. The waiting periods are variable but the pay will always be given out.


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Yes Mr David you are right but from last month and this month amount more than 200 in my friend’s account is on hold and all attached with payoneer.
Before that We all were receiving more than 200 but I don’t know why from last month this is happening.
It's probably best to just get in touch with staff via email: ( you won't get an answer over the weekend) Lots of people seem to have trouble with payoneer . Like David said, I also just got paid yesterday and that was larger than $200, but with PayPal.


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What about when it seems that the earning has stopped? I was winning money like 2 or 3 times in 1 month, now I have gotten nothing. Nobody will or has responded to my emails.