Read The Contracts, Rumble And YouTube Are Different


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It seems a lot of people are comparing YouTube to Rumble. They are different! I read a lot about "oh what license should I choose" Before you decide make sure you are reading the contract for each license you are agreeing to! Unless you are uploading to the Rumble "Player only" you won't be able to change your mind afterwards or be able to delete your videos! As long as you know this and are happy with it, then Rumble can be a great place to earn some money! Lots of us "old-timers" done it for years. Rumble can be a life-changer if you put the effort in.


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I have an indie film I produced and was wondering about the monetizing of it on Rumble, or if they would even allow a file that large(100 mins).

I know this is possible on youtube, but they have all sorts of restrictions.