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Hello community,

I am new to Rumble and want to protect some of my video clips through this network, so I have some questions regarding to Youtube Content ID protection.

1) Since there are many compilation videos on Youtube which contain video clips as short as 10 seconds (or even shorter), many Content ID protected video clips will hardly be recognized through the automatic scan. If I find a video containing a small part of my clip and notify the Rumble support, how long does it usually take for a video to be manually claimed by the Rumble staff?

2) Would it be OK to claim a video on my own Youtube channel which contains one of my protected clips, if it also has Content ID protected content from 3rd parties? I've actually carried this question around for a long time since I heard from past incidences of (sometimes severe) Content ID abuse from a bunch of Youtube networks, claiming tons of (mostly viral) videos and, thus, eliminating the revenue stream of the corresponding youtubers from one day to another. Which brought me to the idea of "protecting" your videos with your own content (e.g. using it repeatedly in your intro) in order to save part of the revenue until the case is solved.

Thank you in advance and best regards,


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I can understand if you supporters are quite busy. But it isn't too much to ask if you could at least read my questions, especially if you have time to answer other's, newer questions too. -_-


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Hi @m1ke0r,

I apologize for the delay, these are very specific questions that our licensing team had to answer:
For your first question: Content ID will recognize the clips usually within a few hours, normally the same day.

For your second question we will need some clarification: Are you saying you want us to claim your video so we can monetize it, but the video/clip is already being licensed to a 3rd party; or do you mean you want to protect the video from 3rd parties by giving Rumble the license first?

In the first case, if you have already given another party the license to your video, you can't give it to Rumble as well.

But if you have not granted a license to any 3rd party, then you can give it to Rumble and we will protect your content as well as make sure you are paid for any revenue your videos generate online.

Let me know if that's helps.


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Yes, thank you (and sorry if I was too rough, my patience isn't the best currently).

Maybe the second question needs more clarification. My thought could be described with following steps:
1) I protect a video clip through Content ID
2) I upload a new video with different content (which either belongs to me or isn't copyright protected), place my
protected video clip anywhere and add creative commons (CC) music.
3) Suddenly, somebody other than the owner of the CC music claims these songs through a Youtube network and rejects all
disputed Content ID claims (or the owner suddenly decides to protect his music after a certain time and claims my videos)
4) Now I report my own video to get it claimed (or maybe the automatic Content ID system has already found it in the
It was more a hypothetical question but I hope this description describes it better (unfortunately, I couldn't explain it much better since my english isn't very good).


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Hey @m1ke0r

I think we can clarify the answer to this question briefly:

When posting to Rumble, you agree that the content you submit to our Service will not contain third party copyrighted material, or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights, unless you have permission from the rightful owner of the material or you are otherwise legally entitled to post the material and to grant Rumble all of the license rights granted herein.

If you don't explicitly have the rights to the content, we suggest you do not upload it to Rumble.