Questions about Rumble Player vs Video Management?

Hi, I started uploading to Rumble a few weeks ago after I was contacted via comment on one of my YouTube uploads. I was originally told by the recruiter that if I selected Video Management that I would still own rights to my clip but when I was in the process of uploading to Rumble I looked over the terms of the different options and neither Video Management option said I retained my rights to the video so I selected Rumble Player instead. I did this on my first few uploads, but decided to try the Video Management excluding YouTube for two small clips to see what the difference in earnings would be. I selected the excluding YouTube option because I still wanted to be able to upload to YouTube and receive 100% of the earnings, but I emailed two people from Rumble about this to make sure that was correct and neither has responded so to be on the safe side I took the two clips off of YouTube so I wouldn't have any copyright issues. They were both selected for Limited Distribution. I've spent some time googling the differences between Video Management/Video Management excluding YouTube/Rumble Player and I'm still pretty confused about the differences. What would be the best option for the most earnings while still being able to post the same content on YouTube?

Also another quick question, I uploaded a few more videos over the weekend after the ones I choose Video Management excluding YouTube for were approved, but went back to picking Rumble Player and they went from saying Pending to say Rumbling while all my previous uploads still just say Live. What does this mean?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately I can't help you with the first question - hopefully someone from Rumble can assist.

As for the second question, when you upload a video, it initially will show as pending. Rumble's algorithms will review your video and description and decide if it likes your video. If it does, it will go Live right away - which is what we all hope for. If the algorithm is unsure, it will send it to a human for review, which is Rumbling. If upon review, it's accepted, it will go live. If it's not accepted, it will go back to Pending and you will receive an offer of Limited Distribution in the email. Don't accept limited. You'll get very limited exposure. If you receive an offer for Limited Distribution, delete your vid, come up with a new title and description and try again. This is how I believe it works :)
Ugh, I did notice that the two I accepted the limited distribution on have only 3 or so views while my other have a bit more. So I should just delete them?

Also the only thing weird about the videos that show Rumbling is that they have views, one has 29. How could that be?


Once you accept Limited Distribution, you can't delete them is my understanding. If you are offered Limited Distribution, and before you accept, that is when you can delete. Check your two videos that you accepted as Limited. Is there a red delete button?

Any Rumbling vids still appear in your Rumble video list. If someone is subscribed to you, I believe they can still see the vids prior to it going Live.