Question related to tags.


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Hello, forum users. I am a new user, please tell me how the tag section (optional) works when uploading a video? I understand that these are words and topics related to the video, but how should I indicate them: list the words separated by commas or just spaces? For example, in my video the ferret and in the title there are words floor is lava, then I can indicate the tag: 1) ferret, floor is lava. 2) ferrer floor is lava 3) "ferret", "floorislava" 4) "ferret\" "flooris lava\" Which option would be the most correct? Can I somehow recognize the tags of other people? For example, by checking the page code in the browser or not. Can I specify tags that are not related to the video? for example, nature is shown in the video, but cats are indicated in the tags, will they be deleted then or the video simply will not be missed?