Question on Monetizing Videos Posted to Parler


New member
I have an account on the social media platform Parler. I've made a couple of videos and shared them there and I would like to monetize. I selected the full / exclusive video management option, where I should get 90% of ad money from Rumble and 60% from other platforms that Rumble shares the video with.

Here's the questions I have:

1. Is there a way to post the video such that it plays within the Parler app rather than launching an internal browser that directs to and, if so, can those views be monetized?

It seems like the @Rumble account on Parler is able to do that with videos that they share, but I tried the direct link and both types of embed codes to no avail. The direct link causes the internal browser to launch (a lot of users don't like to follow those kind of links, preferring to stay within the normal app experience). The embed codes simply don't work.

2. In order for Rumble to share my video on YouTube and other platforms (Daily Motion, etc) do I have to make my own accounts on that site and link them? Or is Rumble able to do that with no further action on my part?

3. Which views count? Does a viewer have to be logged in? What if they start watching an 8 minute video then either stop after 2 minutes or skip ahead over some of the content - does that still count? It's hard for me to tell, because the view count does not seem to update in real time. I've also seen my view count go up then slightly back down before going up. I think it Rumble is still buggy in this area.

4. When I look at the "Earnings" tab the "eCPM" usually shows an initial number like "$1.67" then it disappears, then says $0. What's up with that? One video has 9xx views on Rumble (0 on YouTube... guess it's not showing there...) and in the preview it says "$0.10 earned". In earnings it says "$0 earned". I would've expected that to be something like $1.50 earned.

Thanks in advance