Question about views


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Hello, I am hoping someone can shed light on something for me. When I click on account, I can see that my Estimated earnings is a certain #. Over $1,300. When I click on stats and analytics, i can see that one of my videos has 120,000+ views and that I am generating some good cash from it. However, if i click on my videos on the right menu, and click on that video, i can only see that it has 100 views. My question is, where are these 120k + views being seen if rumble only shows me that the # is 100? Appreciate any responses that can point me in the right direction.


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Those earnings are hard to understand anyway... I don't even know with which question I shoud start: so many different numbers.


Actually, what you see in your stats are the only numbers you can rely on nowaday. Rumble is going trough some changes, and the whole platform is a full of "road works". If you stats shows you a good cash for that video, you can expect to also get that cash.
The numbers under the videos haven't been updatet for a long time now.


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I find the same thing. I don't trust the view counters on the videos but I do trust the earnings under stats and analytics.
I like to check by setting filters to this month, all platforms, by video to give me the best picture about what is performing well at the moment.
You can also check YouTube vs Rumble earnings that way, but YouTube earnings come sporadically.
Good start, by the way. Very respectable earnings!!