Quality Content & Channels


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I'd be willing to bet that a key failure of most alternatives to popular social media sites is that the lack of quality original content to keep people hooked. I came here out of curiosity after the site was mentioned by Dan Bongino. The site looks promising, except that I'm having trouble finding quality content in a range of fields - Science, Religion, Philosophy, Education, Business, Recreation & Hobbies for instance. Rumble needs to attract a broader base of creators if it wishes to rival Youtube and boost it's viewership. Being pro free speech is not enough on its own. If anyone has recommendations for follows, I'd be keen to hear about them.


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It appears to me this is a TikTok type clone where short, funny, viral videos are highly rewarded and long quality content is pushed to the back. Fits thier "rumble" swipe left to like and right to dislike kinda thing. It appears its WAAAYYY off of a youtube contender.


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I am all for free speech and getting the word out but it seems to me that the news videos of original content or just videoed from another media source should be in a separate area of rumble from the battle videos. Of course we all like the news reports so they seem to always lead in the battles for that reason. Question is, Do some of these earn money for posting a recording of someone else’s content? If so, that would be a copyright infringement in my opinion. That’s also not fair to the individuals posting fun stuff but can’t compete with the news videos. Another “area” within rumble as a educational/learning, news resource would be great. Then the battle area for shorter entertaining content would be more enjoyable. There is just a flood of videos that are just long recorded news clips and that gets old because I don’t watch them all the way through (or I have seen it already) when trying to vote for the daily battle. I would be on here for hours. I do like not having ads within the videos. That’s a plus.