Promoting videos for more earnings.


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I have placed some of my profit sharing status videos onto my Instagram account in bio, but it is hard to know if it has been views unless people make comments.Or is there a way I am missing?
You can track your links! Just use (It's free) and convert your rumble link. You can also built your URL with this tool : and then copy paste the link into bitly to make it shorter and you can rename it as well.
Than you can track it if anybody visited or not. I don't do that for every video, but my bio links on instagram, twitter and so on I always want to track those.
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As we all know, a video that receives Front Page Promotion will be on MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and several other platforms. It obviously gets play on the Rumble platform too, which is growing in popularity. That's one of the most lucrative platforms for us, the content creators, also.
We will almost always see our fully promoted videos on Rumble Viral YouTube channel too. Although YouTube isn't such an impressive platform when you compare it to Rumble, the Rumble Viiral channel on YouTube has gained an impressive 670,000 subscribers. When you consider that, views on there can actually amount to decent earnings. Rumble's promotion of our work is hard to beat.
But there is another way that videos can make money that a lot of people aren't always aware of. Commercial agencies and advertisers, as well as online shows and channels, will often seek out licensing opportunities from Rumble. That means you will be paid for them to use your video. I've had this happen with two clips for Santander Bank, and a third time recently for RightThisMinute dot com. I know of others on here who have had this happen. The bank commercial paid me several thousand dollars for each of two clips. The amount for the recent licensing deal hasn't reached my account yet so I'm unsure.
With the bank commercial, Rumble was contacted directly and emailed me. With the recent one on my calf video, RightThisMinute reached out to me through FaceBook and I referred them to Mario. This was due to a FB share that I did.
Similar deals through my personal YouTube channel in the past resulted in a payout of only several hundred. Obviously, licensing through Rumble is much better than we can ever negotiate on our own.

What's important here is that we realize that Rumble provides a huge, even if infrequent, opportunity for earnings in this way. Also, sharing a video on social media can lead to your video being discovered. Don't forget to promote your videos AFTER approval. These opportunities can come out of the blue even after your video seems to have been forgotten.
I guess I just disagree on how great rumble is mainly because there's just no consistency in the rumble process. Like for me the views daily break down from YT to rumble isn't always update. Last daily break down was Dec 18 2018. So I have no way of comparing what the payout was compared to the daily views. I don't upload on rumble any more because I just don't get that warm fuzzy feeling everythings on the up n up. I kind of regret loading my most popular video and giving the copyrights for use on rumble as it just doesn't feel right. I'm sure the sites legit but for me it just doesn't provide the consistency and transparency I need to keep loading. But that just my opinion.