President Trump should have a Town Meeting


TO THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN : President Trump should strongly consider having a Town Meeting on the " SAME NIGHT " Joe Biden has his meeting and invite registered voters Democrats , Republicans and Independents to attend and allow them to ask questions and of course President Trump answers them. This would be great in showing the contrast difference between both campaigns not to mention the vast amount of viewers who will show up to watch. Seriously just think how many more people would tune into President Trumps Town Meeting verses Joe Bidens meeting especially on the " SAME NIGHT " . Hopefully someone has already sent this suggestion to the Trump Campaign and if not we should do so. Again think about how great this idea would be and how also the " MSM would go nuts " President Trump stealing their Thunder.... Lets do this President Trump


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Not sure if it will matter much- except to pump up base which is good thing just the same.
If people have not decided by now, then I doubt they have a pulse.
The choice is clear, never had it been like this before:
Authoritarian Crony~Globalist~Socialism~Communism~Corporatocratic Fascism vs Capitalism - which is ridiculous as the Authoritarian Global Governing Body will employ Capitalism in making money but also will make decisions based on their interests regarding behaviors, actions, choices...
We could very well reach the point of no return within the next few months.