Please explain it to me


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I have 2 videos and this April I have total views on 2 videos of 5 million views on YT channel. Why do I have a day to have money and have a day to see I don't have money.
These 2 videos in March I have a total of 5 million views at YT but only $ 0.05. I don't understand what Rumble charges for a YT view.
In April, these 2 videos had more than 5 million views. I don't know if I have money from those 2 videos. I didn't find those 2 videos of me on YT channel. Although it still increases views every day in this April.


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Usually CPM is this low when the video is not eligible for monetization or limited monetization is on with yellow sign on it on YouTube. But as your video is claimed by rumble you might not know the monetization status of your video.

The second reason could be: Rumble takes some time to update the stats. My last update took around 45days. But it was all good.

I noticed that I was keep checking it every time and it was frustrating me.

I would suggest you to check the stats in 2 to 3 days not every day and everytime.


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I did not upload my video this April. And I want to know who uploaded my video to YT
If you used auto syndication for YouTube and you uploaded a video to Rumble it will automatically upload the video on your YouTube account.
If you don't want it, disable auto syndication in your settings.

B.t.w. my Youtube views are updated yesterday till 18 April, so maybe they will be updated soon too.


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Were those views before Rumble claimed the video? Than you get paid by YouTube for those views and not Rumble! Rumble only pay you for views with YouTube after they claimed the video.
Video request is like. Please explain it to me. Because I am a new member


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I have found these 2 videos but have not found them on YT at all. But views still increase every day