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The video player will freeze on me showing no controls and locking up sometimes when I touch the screen. It happened four times today. I’m on iOS 10.
I’m here because of Dan bongino


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Ditto on this. I like longer videos like the Dan Bongino podcast. But I really need to be able to multitask while listening to just the audio and going to the video for screenshots (like DB’s). Being able to run video in background was one of main reasons I used YouTube as a consumer before despite their practices re censoring/demonetizing. I have quit YT completely now that they are now charging an outrageous $15.99 for the premium service required for background video, but Rumble’s lack of this feature at all continue to be a major negative for me.


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I request videos in the background too.

A priceless feature for youtube that rumble needs to have too. It would actually be better than YouTube these days because YouTube has made playing in the background impossible by spamming huge long ads every couple mins.

When I say youtube made their background playback feature impossible due to long commercials, I truly mean it. I am talking massive 20-30min ads that start playing and I have to fumble thru to dig my phone out, pull off gloves (if I am wearing them) so I can open up the app to full screen and then I can skip these huge long, unreasonable length ads. Then it's back to the background, phone in my pocket and I start on my way but within a couple mins it's happening again.

It seems 50% or more of the commercial interruptions go on forever unless I stop everything to bring up the app in the foreground just to skip them. Something once great has become just aggravating due to youtubes bad practices.

I am glad there is an alternative. Very pleased that the Rumble team has moved quick to get us playback speed options (its working in the android app on my phone). I know they must be crazy busy with this huge expansion and I appreciate all their work and effort.
Adding the ability to play in the background will let Rumble not just match but very easily beat youtube on this one
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I totally get Bonginos grip about you tube..... but the limitations of this app makes it unpractical to use. I can turn on a video, put my phone in my pocket and listen to it all day. Can’t do it with this app. It may be a good app but I just can’t do it.
i hope they fix this soon.


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I prefer to listen to Bongino in the background, and scroll what I might want to watch later. Please make this adjustment. It will keep me from going back to YT.