pending videos


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I had one rejected last week too, but reloading it seemed to help. Occasionally, it's a technical problem. But sometimes it's about copyrighted material, swearing, graphic content, controversial content.
Emailing support at can get you an answer, but forum users can provide insight too.
rejected or received limited? these are two totally different issues of course


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Tôi đã bị từ chối 6 video sau gần 1 tuần chờ xử lý,và tôi đã rất đau lòng khi bị từ chối tất cả,rất nản lòng và tôi đã xóa cả 6 video.Ai đó có giống như tôi?


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As David I had this happen before as well. It got rejected by mistake. It got sorted out when I contacted support. It tuned out to be an upload error.