Pending videos


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If you click on my channel from account, you need to click the word 'Add' .. Then you click on the videos you want to add to your channel - It's pending for YOUR approval


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That is only to add the videos to your 'channel'. Approval of videos needs to be done by the Rumble system / team, which usually takes up to a few days. If it's waiting for weeks, it might be you missed the mail to accept it for limited distribution.

Maybe @Mario can assist in this.


Creator Support Team
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Hi guys,

I just want to remind everyone that if you're having issues or experiencing a delay in the approval process, you must send an email to support. Writing in the forum won't always get you a prompt response given that this is used for users to talk to each other.

Emails sent directly to support are given priority.

In this case you may send us an email containing the URL for the video that's not yet approved. But normally if you've waited more than 3 business days and the video remains unapproved, then consider checking your emails, as it is possible you were sent an email to accept limited distribution and if the user doesn't action it, the video remains pending permanently.