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Hi, just wondering if any of you have had videos pending for days ? I got in touch with Mario and he said they had an influx of videos over the weekend, so they are behind with them . I am seeing videos that have been published after mine where put on? I mean I have no reason to doubt they are behind but I am thinking that I may not have received an email and they are for limited distribution ,seeing as others are being put on that where uploaded after mine ????


I also have some videos pending for longer than usual. I think we have reached the moment when RUMBLE is getting so many videos, that the Rumble Rank plays a much important role than before.
The videos that score higher on Rumble Rank go through faster, they did before as well, but now that the number of videos uploaded generally is higher, the waiting time for the others will raise.

It is just my 2 cents. I would also like to ask @Mario for an official answer on this :)