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Have you had your videos stuck in pending?

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I uploaded my first video two days ago. After 21 hours it was still pending, so I clicked the button for help. Now, a day later, my video is still pending and I have not heard from Rumble.


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Pending is only in regard to rumble making a decision on what level they will promote your video. Your video is live and ready to share almost immediately upon uploading.


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I release two videos a week, on a schedule. How can I point my followers to Rumble if I cannot be sure if or when they will be able to see it? Why should I spend time uploading videos to another platform that claims to be for free speech if I cannot depend on them being published on time?
If you upload a video it is directly visible. Only the approval for monetization takes 1-3 days. So you can share the link to your video immediately, so people can watch your video.