Pending Issues & New Developments


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Hi everyone,

We are hearing everyone's complaints about PENDING videos taking a long time. Our user base is growing faster than we anticipated, which is causing a huge backlog and delay. Never the less, our team has a solution and we are currently developing it. We plan to have this solution ready by the end of June.

The best part... we are aiming to approve most content, and depending on Rumble Rank scores, your content will either get A LOT of distribution or LITTLE distribution, but all videos will have a promise of a distribution to a minimum of ~4 platforms (when we are completed).

Hang on, things are going to get interesting!


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@nademedeiros that's sad. I never had videos rumbling ,they were pending for several weeks.Once you sell your first video,you won't have videos rumbling for long time.Results on the video will be quick like within 2-3 days.


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I've had videos approved after a few minutes, others after a few hours, others after a few days and other after a few weeks... there's no pattern.


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I have finalized earnings 49.95 and 57.03 dollars income.
I wrote that I must exceed $ 50.

Tell me, how do I make $ 0:05




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I don't know what happened to my account but it no longer lets me post discussions or see any I've posted in the past. It also made me re-verify my email...


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my video has over 400k views in total here on rumble and its been up a month now and so far ive only earned $14?! and betty told me it would accumilate in a month! that over $400 in revinue can someone explain this garbage to me?