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How long does it take to get the money from pending status to where I can cash it out? I have over $400 that I want to cash out. First a pop-up that says I can only cash out a minimum of $50. Then it won't let me enter an amount of any kind. How am I going to get my $400 plus money? ....By the way, I was able to cash out $150 on 12/7/15 and it showed up in my paypal account on 12/18/15. When am I going to be able to cash out again? And why only $50? I should be able to cash out as much as I want, if not all.... Please email me at
I'm new to Rumble and have tried to read as many threads as possible here so I'm not asking the same question. However, there seems to be some variation in answers. I was contacted about a video, which Rumble bought about 10 days ago that has 7+ million views (and growing!). I can see "estimated earnings" and I understand it will take time for me to be able to cash those out from Rumble and YouTube (3rd party earnings aren't even posted). But what can I expect? Will it take months before I see that money? I have received my "upfront payment."

Also, I contacted Rumble because my views were going up then going down, by millions, and this concerned me that it might be some sort of scam. They did tell me there was a "glitch" in the system. Any thoughts on that from Rumble Veterans?

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There have been glitches like that and, in my experience, they have always been from third parties. It can take many many months for estimated earnings to go into the account. If it is from youtube, it usually goes faster. Everyone worries about scams or if they are being paid the right amount. I can only speak for myself that I have found Rumble to be extremely ethical. While the payouts seem very long, they do come and I have made a ton more than my youtube channel ever did in 5 years.


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I have 5 videos on here and here are the amount of views for each one: 1417, 13591, 2391, 5689, 6763. All I've been paid is 60 cents total. I can't believe this is all I get for these many views. I've been super patient. I was hoping to at least have a dollar by now. I'm being sarcastic. There must be a gigantic glitch in the matrix.


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Hello to all,
I have the bill in 2013 and realized in 2014 over $ 50, exactly $ 52.20,
I receive this money? or I have no hope?

I sent a request, in June 2016, I await answer, we hope,
at least one answer


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I had a video go 'viral' here about six months ago. I received most of the rumble and youtube payments but am still waiting for 3rd party payments to show up. The video was shown on Good Morning America and some other shows so I'm hoping it's a worthy payment. I also can't complain about what I've made so far with the rumble/youtube payments because it's more than I ever would have made on my own and I like the fact they track when others try to use the video.


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As we already said, Rumble is all about patience. The business is at the beginning of the road, and I also already explained how the payment system works in an other topic.
I guarantee that with the time things will change, and speed up.

Anyways, if there is any issue with your payments or you feel that something may got wrong, don't hesitate to write it here in the Community, and we will give it forward to the members of the stuff, who will make sure everything is as it should.
I did not receive from last 3 months I cash out every time but I did not receive total value is 1000 $