Payment time.

Hi there:
The 3rd party payments, are the payments from other distributions than Youtube and Rumble, for example (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, The Loop, syndications).
These payments roll in with a delay of 6 months after your video was sold.
The 4 payments you received are: Yahoo, MSN, AOL and The Loop. Every other payment will then be an extra syndication or monetising of your video, outside the platforms I enumerated before.
I've poked about maybe getting the transactions tagged. Instead of having 3 transactions label month profit sharing, instead have it "month profit sharing from Yahoo". but could take too much time for every transaction.
How often do we get paid for our videos? Is it every 3 months? I have a grand total of .24 cents. I do think this isn't working out here on Rumble.
I explained it already in detail a page or 2 ago, just have tu search a bit...
YT payments come in 2 months, Rumble and 3rd party payments in 6 months. So for Oktober there were due the YT payments for August, and 3rd party payments for April.
So Rumble pays every six months for one month of views? Which month with they be paying us for when they do pay us? This is muy complicado.
Patience is key. We are 5 days into a Rumble/3rd party payment month. Also, in my personal experience Rumble is the BEST as getting video creators their money. I have worked with Break, Storyful and Jukin Video. Rumble is the ONLY one that tries to answer every question and get my money as quickly as possible. For example, I had 2 videos picked up at the end of Dec 2014 by Jukin video, I have yet to receive any form of payment and when I e-mail them about it, maybe a week later a response is "We are waiting on Yahoo". Rumble is the place to be and I'm extremely satisfied with how Chris and the crew are doing things. I along with @cseh_17 are here to help out and try to get your questions answered. @brenmichelle is also a Rumble Veteran and she is always ready to help someone out. There are good people here. That is why Rumble is #1.
If Rumble had a "Like" button, I would have clicked it for the above comments left by @tolerantxero and @brenmichelle . Testimonials by active members that have actually been "paid" and continue to upload more videos are an essential reassurance to other members that are still waiting to be shown the "Money". I've now uploaded over 40 videos that have been "SOLD". Some with full and some with limited distribution. The YouTube payments are now pretty consistent and when the 3rd party payments do finally arrive, it's always a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, everyone will be surprised soon! Good luck and keep uploading more videos, after all, it's a good way to pass the time while waiting to get paid.