Payment time.

hi all, I am just a newbie here. Can you guys please explain to me how the balance will be displayed?
For example I got 54$ as "estimated earnings to date" from youtube, but the "finalized earnings" from youtube is only 0.47$. As I have known, I will get 90% earnings from youtube, so my finalized earnings should be 90% of 54$?

Thanks :)
Your finalized earnings up to date, are 0,47$. What you see on estimated earnings, are the earnings from this month, and will be added to your account next month.
I have an outstanding balance of youtube earnings upwards of $500, which was all made during March and April, as well as $300 in rumble earnings. But my payment this month is only $77. Surely it should be a lot more then that, considering it should be March or Aprils payment this month. No response from Rumble of course. Any help?

It depends. It's all about clicks on ads. Some videos get more ad clicks, some get less. You really need a lot more than a couple thousand views to make significant money, unfortunately. Also, there is a big difference between YT and partner site payouts as well.

I had one video get about $0.08 per thousand views. Not good. I had another get about $0.30 per thousand. Better.

Then on a videos with off YT views, I have received between $0.18 and $1 per thousand views. So it is a wide range but clearly much higher than YT earnings and that's with a 60/40 split with Rumble.

It is a very wide range and a lot of variables come into play. I hope these numbers help you.
I also got (yesterday) for one of my video between 0,74$ - 0,84$ for 300+ and 800+ views on Yahoo and AOL. It really depends. The video got 22k on YT, but only managed under 1k on the partners. It rally depends.

@Bree123 Put a link to your video please.
For YouTube Views: IF view count is 1000-2000 Then your earnings will be around 1$-2$
IF view count is 4000-5000 Then your earnings will be around 4$-5$
IF view count is 50K Then your earnings will be around 45%-55%
And so on :p
I would definitely argue on that!
YT earnings depend on much more factors than views. Country in which the video was played, type of ads, and many more. It's a long topic, I won't get into it right now.
What I wanted to say is that I did 25$ for 10k and also 1$ for 5k. So it is't a rule, but generally what one can calculate is 1000-1500$ for the million views.
Has anybody any information about the 3rd party payments for March (due this month) ?
Has anybody received anything, beside the YT money?
Yeah, in the meantime I found out that they will come late this month, really early next month, as the same as happened for with the payment for January, if I remember well.
So, everything is fine! :)