Payment time.


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@tolerantxero, @cseh_17, I've had my first video put up in the beginning of October. It has been way past 150 days and I was told the quarterly payments were to be given out in February when I signed the contract. I'm all about patience but I just want answers. I want to know exactly when to expect payment. I've messaged support twice already with no response back. Can you please give me a solid answer


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Unfortunately, it does seem to be taking quite a while for deposits. I had cashed out for 2 payments and received only one. It's not been since early February and I still haven't gotten my second, larger payment. Still being patient - will see what happens this Friday ... the 13th. LOL


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Friday is just starting. If you don't see any payment in the next 15 hours, then you may have a problem, (me too) but until then, they aren't late.


Dear @chrisrumble , I'm really disappointed with everything misheard. I do not think I will come to your birthday.I feel that I'm the butt of the joke and you laugh at me in your local drinking pina colada. I'm really sad.


Would you just PLEASE! stop complaining? At least until next Friday, because you won't see any money sooner than that, I am sure.