Payment time.


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Hello rumble!
I have recieved payment from rumble for 4 times and this time i havent recieved it.
I requested it like 2 weeks ago. Maybe ever more but still i havent got my money :(
I should have recieved money last friday but i didnt get it.
Can you tell me what happened?


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@cseh_17, it seems that sometimes it takes a while longer. I cashed out at least two weeks ago (by accident, lol) but have not received the money, which is fine for now. It does come, however. I've been pleased with Rumble overall ... especially since I never took the video to make money in the first place! I guess that's the way it works ... if I took a video wanting to make money, I wouldn't make a dime! lol


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If you cash out on a video, is it done generating revenue, or does it continue the following month? I cashed out on a video last week for $100ish, and there is still an estimated $400 left on it. Is that next months 'payment', or is it done now that I have cashed out on it?


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To the powers that be: Can I expect payment into my PayPal today? I was emailed about three weeks ago (in response to a query I sent MONTHS ago) and was told there was a problem with the ledger on my account but it has been straightened out and to go ahead and submit for cash out again. We are talking about a balance north of $700 USD here. Does anyone from Rumble even read these message boards?


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Actually it just got put in my PayPal this afternoon. Yay! The squeaky wheel I guess. But bottom line whoever is doing the accounting at Rumble needs to be fired and replaced. The company is young but it's not going to survive far without better relationships with their content providers. It's not as upsetting to wait as long as we're not feeling ignored. In fact I will be willing to offer my services as a customer engagement contact so everyone gets kept in the loop. That's job #1in this business today, there are too many alternatives.


As we already said, Rumble is all about patience. The business is at the beginning of the road, and I also already explained how the payment system works in an other topic.
I guarantee that with the time things will change, and speed up.

Anyways, if there is any issue with your payments or you feel that something may got wrong, don't hesitate to write it here in the Community, and we will give it forward to the members of the stuff, who will make sure everything is as it should.