Payment Issue (PayPal) - cashed out, but didn't received money


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Since September 2015 (yes 2015), I have not received any payment since cashing out. I am starting to regret relinquishing my video rights to Rumble. Neither did I receive response from Rumble nor the lady who contacted me to "sell" my video to Rumble. I just cashed out a few hundred dollars again and now the total pending has reached $833.15. I understand YouTube may have issues as I have closed my channel (the only video is on the official Rumble channel now) but what about the payment from third party sites such as Microsoft and Yahoo? I have not received a single cent for nearly a year now!


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So far I have not received any response. The lady just asked me to contact Rumble Support and Support is just ignoring me I guess? Even Chris is ignoring me (I PMed more than once)


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Seriously? The fact of Non-Payment is bad enough but to ignore you completely?!.. If they are slow in paying Content Providers, that's not the worst thing in the world but when they don't respond to your questions is really poor..

Rumble has a lot going for it and I hope its just "Teething" problems. I myself am new here and have uploaded 2 videos to compare how they do against my Youtube Videos, like many just to see if uploading here is worth it..

There are many people who have had no issues and others who do have problems so its hard to see everything clearly.

I would keep sending messages, not just PM's but in the forums, twitter and what ever else.


Look! I hope you are not serious by expecting the CEO of the company to respond to all of your messages. There are more than 10k users, imagine what happens if only half of them write them a message? So on that one, please be realistic. Secondly, myself and my colleagues here on the forum, are here for you to help. @unrealist83 send me as much informations about your issue as you can, if you can support them with print screens, it will be easier for me to look into it.


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"I hope you are not serious by expecting the CEO of the company to respond to all of your messages"

Oh nooooo, I wouldn't expect a CEO who cares about keeping his content providers happy to respond every now and again.

Look clearly the CEO is not going to be as active replying to messages. WE GET THAT! there is no need to be passive aggressive, which I am told is common practice. He was simply feeling neglected and hoping the CEO would reply is not as far fetched as YOU may believe. Making someone feel stupid for asking that is not a good way to "Moderate" neither is threatening to take away someone right to post in the forum (but we can forget about that!)

You say, you and the other Moderators are here to help? well it has been almost a week and no one had replied to this user. How do you think that makes him feel? not only that, how does it make me feel?

I like many MANY other people here are new and still deciding if using Rumble is worth it but experiences with Mods and lack of messages sure does put a nasty taste in my mouth.


Wow, so after a week of silence. Not only do we get a "Mod" replying but the CEO now too..

I am actually glad you have taken an interest. This "Non-payment" issue is clearly not a big issue and most cases its the fault of the user (not really knowing how to Cash out or just expecting it to be instant payment) and im sure this user will be paid on Friday as you mention.

But as you can appreciate, it looks terrible. No response in a week! even though Mods have been posting in other topics. Not one of them could just tell him to wait? Again I get that rumble is fairly new, and there are going to be problems but not replying to someone within a week? then having people make you feel "Stupid" for asking genuine questions! is a shitty way to treat your Clients!

From those who I have spoken to directly, there are mixed feelings!

I say it took a week for a "moderator" to respond but that was only because I posted this issue in an other topic. That begs the question, If I didn't post there, would there have even been a reply?

Also Chris, just a suggestion. Could you post these "RULES" I am told about??.. I received an Email from one of your "Moderators" Informing me that I broke FORUM RULES and some other nonsense!. Again more passive aggressive BS.

IF, there are forum rules then PLEASE state them... anywhere...

There is no thread that clearly states the rules or when you start a topic it doesn't say anything about the Rules.

So instead of sending me an email threatening to "take from you the right to post" why not create a topic explaining what the rules are!

NOW even if the Rules were clear, I would still do the same thing! Why? because ITS BEEN A WEEK AND NO ONE EVEN SPOKE TO HIM.

When I got that email, it really p*ssed me off! you are calling me a spammer and that I should only speak in the designated topics or else you will take away my right to post?

I like the idea behind this company!, I was told "come to rumble, will will find you all the riches in the world" - ok it wasn't like that but offering me up to 10x more than youtube was clearly tempting. So I came here and I will be reviewing this "experience" so many more can decide to join Rumble or not based on actual Experiences unlike just being promised a better rev share.

I truly hope things will improve. When you ridicule or talk down to your content providers, how long will they continue to provide you content?.



@Darkfall Passive agression you say?
Writing about an issue that is discussed and over discussed in more than 3 topics, in a total different topic is what I call spamming. Sorry, if we have a different the definition of that word.
But back to user unrealist83. We have, again, over discussed how payments work, and there are a lot of topics about it. But of course it is easier to open a new topic, than to read everything that already exists. You just see what this user posted into this topic, and not the background informations. When he cashed out, why is taking so long and so on. Instead of turning your frustration onto the Rumble stuf, I would recommend you, to to read about how exactly Rumble and the payments system is working. But just for the record:
After you reached the 50$ for the first time, you can cash out. After pushing the 'CASH OUT' button, it will take till the second Friday for the money to reach your PayPal account. Exception is if you cash out on a Friday, in which case the money will reach the PayPal the FIRST Friday.

So for the future, if you have an issue yourself, don't hesitate to contact me or the other moderators here on the forum with a PM, or .
Also, if a user contacts you regarding an issue, and you think you can't offer him proper support, feel free to redirect him to us.
Posting random messages into random topics, is not a solution, especially when you don't posses all the background informations.

So, I tink we definitely cleared this one. CLOSED.


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@cseh_17 and @Darkfall I re-opened this topic under the assumption that the arguing will stop. If it continues, feel free to close this topic.

Regarding forum rules, maybe its time to launch a public set of forum rules? I'm happy for everyone to join that discussion, but lets have it in a new topic.

As for making 10x more, that varies. I've seen some users make 20x more, some that make 3x times more. And this is all defined on a "per 1000 stream" basis. @Darkfall Where on Rumble did you read that we make users 10x more? Or was it through an interview I did?

Although I frequent our forums and try to help whenever I can, I never look at my PM's. Asking questions on the forum or emailing is the best way to get answers. Everyone will get answered, but it may take a week. I hope to add more support resources and make this quicker, but we are a bootstrapped company with no outside investment. Never the less, its a lot better than the support you'll find on YouTube when you have a question or even if something goes wrong :)


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Thanks for re-opening this topic. Closing it without getting confirmation from the Original Poster that he has been paid is clearly not a good thing to do. How can we see if it just words or you are actually doing something about it.

Cseh_17, your comment again seems very passive aggressive, You make it seem like we are too lazy to read other topics. I assure you I have read a lot in this short space of time.

Like any Forum, You can jump into a topic that is SIMILAR and lets be clear the topics you mention are similar not the exact same. So you can jump into a similar topic and post your message, one cluttering up their topic (which has yet to be fixed). You think it unreasonable to post in a new topic?.

I also love how confident you are that you "Cleared things up".. Im sorry but No, you are just giving me the same nonsense. You are telling me to learn how the system works before making a comment. I understand it takes time to get paid but from the comment the OP made was CLEARLY that he hadn't been paid in over a year.

I understand USERS don't always understand how long it can take for the process, MY issue was the fact No one had even spoke to him for a week even though you are posting in other topics. Simply telling him to "hang on" would have been enough. AGAIN I get you are new and there may not be enough Moderators, but when you are talking to us like we are worthless. How long will they continue to provide you Content?

Chris seems to understand that you cant just silence people!, closing a topic because you had the last word doesn't mean you are right. Let's say Chris didn't re open the topic. How do you think that looks? It looks like you are being shady. The OP hadn't confirmed if he had been paid. For all we know you could be doing that a lot.

I want to be clear, As it stands I have no Issues with Rumble. I do believe this company can do great things and depending on your content you could be set!. I don't care about how I have been made to feel like a scumbag spammer or threatened to be "Silenced" but you can be sure some people wont like that. Some people would just say, "id rather not get any extra money". Not everyone wants to be talked down too. So maybe you could keep that in mind when emailing Rumble Clients.

Chris the "10x", It was in an interview I seen on youtube and Im guessing it was a while ago since some things had changed from what you demo'd. but yeah Ive seen other videos saying upto 50x more and I don't dispute that. In fact as a prospective client I sure as hell would like it to be "UP TO" any amount!..

When I review rumble, It would be accurate to say rumble could make upto 10x more than youtube? I would hate to give wrong information.



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I also recently had a topic get closed before it was resolved. My issue was (and still is) that I am using the auto syndication feature and uploaded the videos
to my YouTube at the same time as Rumble. Once the videos sell many of the videos on YouTube are not being claimed by Rumble. This is an issue because some of them are amassing large numbers of views (100,000+) and I DO make more money through Rumble than YouTube.

I also keep receiving offers from other video companies about them and I would like that to stop because it makes me second guess if I should keep uploading videos to Rumble or try a different company and see if I get better results (results though Rumble are not as good for me lately.)

Anyway, I started a topic about this and cseh_17 said they were on it. It has been weeks and they have not been claimed and my topic was closed. I have also messaged cseh_17 but have not heard back.


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I have definitely made more than 10x and have seen a few people expect revenue to show up immediately. i understand frustration of lack of responses, but when I think about the raw data and content the new and quickly growing company has to contend with, I understand it. Patience has been so key for me and now I love getting the Emails that I have a new transaction in my account. But, at first it took 7 months, now I get monthly emails. When there is a legitimate issue or error, I have always seen Rumble admit it and fix it. They even let users keep money given in error (including me). They are unique in that way. No company is perfect.


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I have spoken to a few people like you who's topic has closed but are worried that they will be talked down too and ridiculed for saying something.

Let me just say to anyone who is feeling like they can not say what ever they want without feeling stupid, dont worry about what other people think. If you have an issue and you feel like Moderators or even staff members are treating you unfairly, Then speak up.

I appreciate Chris re-opening the topic because it shows, that he wants everything to be transparent.

It's not a problem that we have to wait but to not reply or to update us, is frustrating. Closing topics is a very poor error. It makes you feel like your voice isn't counted or that they are trying to say "your problem is over so be quiet" in a "friendly" way.

If you feel like your issue has not been resolved but the topic is closed, I would make another or try and contact the rumble team Directly!

I would much rather wait for the Support staff then to have to send my information to someone who doesn't technically work for rumble (but that's just me) because if a Mod doesnt reply? who do they answer to? no one.. Its not their job.


Im not sure what point you are trying to make? You are happy with rumble and they even gave you free money? that's great! but I don't have a problem with rumble. Maybe I am a completely unhappy with the experience I have had.

Not just that there are many more who have had similar experiences. I am really happy that you have had no problem and It is positive to hear that Rumble is working for you. Maybe you have not had the same experience as us.

"No company is perfect".. yes I think we all understand that even if Rumble had been going for 10 years there still could be problems. but these "problems" are something Rumble could fix. Maybe adding a few more moderators. TRAINING some of those who need it.

replying to your clients must be anyone's priority. no matter how "perfect" your company is even if its with a simple message to hang on.

I have said it before but I will say it again. So far I don't have a problem with Rumble as a company, but maybe there are BASIC things that need working on.



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I thing i already send question to rumble many times even tru email but until now i still didn't get any answer. how long i will get my payment. the latest my video exclusive i still didn't get any payment. i am waiting waiting and i think until i die i will didn't get any payment. last time is not like this. i fill like rumble cheatting me.


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I am not expecting payment immediately nor a response from chris directly. I am just saying, I tried all avenues of help before resorting to find chris. I saw him respond to other threads and that is why I sought his help. To be honest, I didn't even know he was the CEO.

I certainly don't think I am being unrealistic (despite my nick suggesting so). It's without a choice I decided to post on the community forums, something I dislike doing even for other things online. It was never my intention to berate anyone.

I am not expecting VIP treatment. I sent emails since last year (you read it right, last year) to Ms Snezhana (lady who convinced me to join Rumble after I uploaded my video). I felt like I was taken for a ride (maybe not her intention, but I just said I felt like being taken for a ride). Just 2 weeks ago, she finally directed me to Rumble support (I didn't even know it existed). I sent an email to Rumble support and did not receive a single reply for 2 weeks. As least an acknowledgement would be nice.

Then again, I cashed out multiple times, to the point I forgot which dates I cashed out. I never did receive a single payment. I eventually closed my YouTube channel seeing that the original video was on Rumble's channel. I understand I may not get a single cent for YouTube payments. But I do see that I have payments from 3rd parties such as Yahoo and Microsoft. I believe I should get payments from the video on Rumble's official channel.

If I had a choice, I would never join Rumble and still would love to have the rights to my video back. Even though I may never make money again on other providers or sites, at least it's a matter of principle for me.

So it's Monday (3 days past Friday), and I have yet to receive any payment. Again.


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I guess enough is enough. I will forward this to relevant parties to get legal advice and another video management company to manage my video then.