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Thanks, @cseh_17. Basically, I accidentally hit "cash out" for about $55 3-4 weeks ago. It showed the money in my Rumble account, but when I clicked on cash out again, it gave me a message that I needed at least $50. That led me to believe that it should be being transferred but so far it hasn't shown in my PayPal account. Then, last week, tolerantxero seemed to work magic because I had another $600 show in my Rumble account from the sale of a clip of my video to Google. I went ahead and "cashed out" and right now, if you click on my balance, it'll show about $654.00. BUT, if you hit "cash out" it gives a message that I need a balance of at least $50. Either tolerantxero or someone else mentioned that Rumble pays every Friday and the money should show in my PayPal on Saturday. So far, nothing has shown. I did go back into my PayPal history, and every transfer to PayPal from Rumble did appear on a Friday.

The only reason I'm even asking at this point, is I'm surprising my husband with a birthday treat of a trip to Savannah. This money would be great to help offset the expense so I'm hoping it'll appear before the 20th.

Thanks for all you do!
Ok! So as simple as it may sound with the payments, as complicated it could be, if you understand the process. So I will give it a shot, to explain it as simple as I can. Here we go:

In this moment Rumble offers a 2 week payment situation. And that sounds great, but it is not necessarily. And I will use an example to make you understand why. I will take the 6th of March, which will be a Friday. If you would cash out on that day, and it would be a cash-out Friday, you would have the money in 2 weeks on the 23rd of March. Why? Every second Friday is a cash out Friday, which means that on this day, every cash-out that was made, since the last cash out Friday, goes out. That means the money should be in your PayPal account on the next Monday. However, if you would make the cash out for example on the 12th of March, which is a Thursday before a non cash-out Friday, it could pretty much take until the second cash out Friday to your money to go out, which would then be 3rd of April. So basically, if you are lucky, and you would cash-out on a cash-out Friday, your money would be there in 2 weeks, otherwise it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks.

This is a theory that I understood from the facts that were explained, and from the experience that some users had, by cashing out. I would wish to be wrong, in which case, your money would be there in a couple of days, but not sooner as one week after the cash out.

I hope what I wrote down would help you keep your plans on the straight ;)
@cseh_17 thanks. I only hope, if you aren't on the payroll, Rumble puts both you and tolerantxero on it! thank you for your help. I would expect, then, at least the original $54 to show soon since I know it's been almost a month. Hopefully, the other will appear before the 20th. Thanks ... again!
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