Part of my video was used in Google's new Android ad...

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Does anyone know how that works? I have been receiving revenue for YT, and received only one payment for Rumble (in October for September's activity). I've emailed Rumble several times asking for someone to contact me to explain how the use of some of my video in Google's ad will affect me, if at all - but so far I've gotten no response from anyone in Customer Service. I also can't believe there's been absolutely no Rumble activity since September ... ??? Suggestions anyone?
wow, that is amazing, I have seen the ad, so cute. Rumble manages the video and is, of course, contracted to give you 60% of all revenues if you selected Video management which I am assuming you did??
I did. I'd just like to know how it works ... did Google pay a flat fee for the use? Does revenue get generated each time it airs? I'm also a little disappointed that I haven't been contacted by anyone at Rumble to answer my question(s). Oh, well, ...

Yeh, it's kinda cool. This whole video ride has been crazy ... I received so many calls from so many people - from Latin America to Ireland! Even got a call from National Geographic and Good Morning America! LOL Haven't heard any more after I had to refer them to Rumble. It's been fun, to say the least.
I brought the issue to the man in charge and this was his response, " If we license to an agency, commercial or broadcast, the money goes into the account once we get paid." My personal experience with payments from Google is that they are slow. You'll get your sweet scratch once it arrives. Just need a little more patience.
Lol. you must be a miracle worker because i just had 600.00 dropped into my account. :) this has all been crazy for me. ... Never thought anyone would be this interested in my video other than my family, ..., and they HAVE to be interested! lol Thanks so much. I have a feeling this has pretty much run it's course but it's been a lotof fun hearing from so many people ... all around the world. Truly blessed... Thanks for checking into this for me.
That's cool. And, very good to hear. I had a video of mine used in another ad/promo video and I wasn't sure if I would be paid for it's use. Glad to know that it probably will pay something.
@tolerantxero, i understand that Rumble makes their payments on Friday. I did a cash out a month ago and have still not seen the payment. Do you know if that is, in fact, correct? If so, domyou know who i can contact to check on it? thanks.
You have 2 options.
1. Write to the support team, by filling out the form on the right corner.
2. Let us (tolerantxero or myself) know directly about the problem, and we can contact directly the Rumble team.
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