October & November off-YouTube Payments


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Hi everyone, I want to provide an update.

We are awaiting payment from a major partner. They are 6 months overdue, which is unacceptable and unfair to both Rumble and our customers. We have reached out to this partner numerous times, and they've assured us payment will be arriving shortly.

Additionally, all YouTube payments are going out as scheduled (they pay like clockwork). Unfortunately off-YouTube has been a much larger battle due to the constant delays by some of our partners. We are as frustrated as you are, but some things are not in our hands. Please remember, we are connecting creators to platforms that are otherwise inaccessible, so there are many walls and bureaucracies we need to break through.

Payment will be remitted the second we receive it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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@chrisrumble Good to know. Thanks for the information. I like Rumble and the way it works: I'm always curious each day if a video is sold and after that how it's doing on other platforms. Hope you can make a break through. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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Payments for OFF YouTube are coming this week, as soon as we are back in the office. Expect both October & November :)


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Just had the best time watching Rumble e-mails come in with new transactions, Thank you Rumble, I will definitely write a full great review soon as I now have the full picture of both YouTube and off YouTube payments, Rumble is the best!!!
Just checking in with you all. Have you received all of your off YouTube payments? I have received some but not for my biggest video of October yet. Want to see how almost 800k off YouTube views does. I'll let you know when/if it comes in for me this week. :)
Another check in for me. I have only received one October payment for about $20. My video was sold to all three partners so I am expecting at least two more payments. Hopefully they better reflect the very large view count as well. Here's to hoping they come in sometime today! :)
@chrisrumble Thanks for checking Chris. I was hoping (of course) that there was more coming. Off YouTube partners did about 4x what YT did. I also had some TV syndication fees which helped. Was hoping it would perform closer to the "up to 10x better than YT earnings." My video made less than half what someone else's 800k off YT views earned for October. That's why I was expecting more.