Obama gave false hope. Here is trie hope for Trump to people


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According to the CDC website hydrogen peroxide kills corona virus on hard surfaces in one minute at a solution of just 1/2 of one percent. Since the virus cannot mobilize on its own we are its vehicle to attack and breed. Why do we not have sanitation booths with a food grade of one percent hydrogen peroxide that is evaporated into the chamber where a person stands for one minute to kill all viruses that may be on skin or clothing. This would be twice the strength and at least double the time of the CDC requirements to kill this virus because it will not evaporate immediately. I tested it in my small bathroom with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide using a ultra sonic humidifier. I went in for 3 minutes each time 4 times a day for 2 days with no affects. To vaporize the hydrogen peroxide very quickly in the chamber a green house fogger should be used along with fans positioned for proper saturated air movement to cover all surfaces. A face mask and swim goggles could be used if desired. To start now at schools