Not Looking To Monetize...Just Upload My Videos


New member
I signed up for an account because I heard about Rumble as an alternative to YouTube. I am not looking to make money off my videos. I simply want a place where I can upload my personal videos for my viewing as well as a place where family and friends can view my videos. I've been using YouTube with no problem, but I am worried they could throw me off YouTube, and my personal videos will no longer be accessible to me. After signing up for a Rumble account, and verifying by email, I am still unable to upload as I am being asked for my cell phone number for verification. I prefer not to share my cell number. YouTube doesn't require my cell number.

Assuming I can use Rumble as a place to keep my personal videos, will I be able to upload the several hundred videos I've uploaded to YouTube?

Thanks for any insights into how Rumble works. So far I'm off to a rough start.