No Earnings for Video views on Facebook and Amazon Prime?

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Hello Rumblers,

I have seen my videos shared by rumble on rumble facebook paged with a lot of views. I also noticed my videos on amazon prime.

How about the earnings for these pages? I did not receive anything for views occuring there.

Another question regarding licensing. Did anyone of you earn money for licensing yet? I didn't. At least here on Rumble. But I know from the past that there is a high potential in earning money with licenses...

Thanks in advance for your replies. Until then good luck,
@ZangPong Thanks for reaching out. You can upload on Rumble, Youtube and Facebook at the same time all from your Rumble upload with auto-syndication function. Regarding your question, Facebook views do not translate into earnings directly. Posting directly to Facebook, without the link back to Rumble, makes no one any money. If it's embedded and there used the rumble links, than you definitely get all the clicks, but that should show up on the rumble player views.

I hope that make sense.
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