NEWS: Launches Premium Video Ads for Creators & Publishers


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As promised, here is Part 2 of 2 of the Vidcon announcements. Rumble is now monetizing their embedded video player. You can start embedding your Rumble video player on your blogs, websites and social channels (instead of using the YouTube player). We are delivering better CPM's because we editorially control our content and advertisers pay more for that! Here is the release:

<b> Launches Premium Video Ads for Creators & Publishers</b>, a social video platform announced the launch of premium video ads for creators and publishers. Through the Rumble video player, both the video creator and publisher are now able to generate revenue from embedding the player on their own blogs, websites, and social channels.

Similarly, companies like AOL and NDN share revenue with publishers, but no platform has taken the model into social video. YouTube divested from this strategy years ago due to legal ramifications from the likes of Viacom; which paved way for Multi-Channel Networks to manage video content on their platform. However, due to a technology dubbed Rumble Rank, all of Rumble's managed social videos are discovered, verified and editorially approved; allowing for publishers and creators to participate on the revenue.

Furthermore, Rumble Rank is an algorithm which predicts the value of video and intelligently distributes these videos to 3rd party platforms. "Instead of having editors going through 1000's of videos, we use our Rumble Rank to discover the best videos and then intelligently distribute them" says Wojtek Hlibowicki, CTO of Rumble. "Of course we have a human layer, but that doesn't happen until the Rumble Rank tells us what to look at, and what we should approve."

Currently Rumble has over 12,000 video creators who have contributed over 80,000 social and viral videos for licensing. Traditionally, the company would license into 3rd party video platforms like YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. With the launch of the monetized video player, Rumble can now agnostically distribute, regardless if the publisher has the technology to support video.

Over the last 6 months the company reported that CPM's for creators were significantly higher than the YouTube video player, even after paying the publisher. "Brands feel safer with editorially curated social video, rather than with non-approved social video. This allows us to demand higher CPM's for our creators and publishers." says Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble.