New Rumble Newsletter!


Creator Support Team
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Hello Everyone,

Soon, Rumble will start sending a weekly newsletter to all of our email subscribers to bring more attention to our great community, and today we are looking for your input as to what kind of content we should include in this weekly newsletter.

The idea is for everyone to know more about us and we want the community itself to choose which highlights better showcase what makes our community great.

As a creator, tell us what you'd like to see included in this newsletter and we'll help you get your idea across to every Rumble subscriber.
I would like to see info on why some creations receive LIMITED when it seems content and description are quite active and interesting. Knowing more of what can cause that status when content seems to have quality. I say this since one of my recent creations about great white shark cage divers showing their excitement by busting some moves in the cage received LIMITED. There was excitement, great footage, and something not seen all the time. Is it footage ,description content? Or something else. I feel knowing more of hat can give a creation limited would be great,specially with a creation that does seem to be well done and interesting.
Would be cool to see "behind the scenes" activity of rumble staff going through the video selection, who puts that "*" on the titles etc.... and giving hints, tips/tricks to help us give them what they are looking for.