NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!


Hello Everyone!

After thinking about how we are going to approach our daily newsletter for a long time, we’ve finally come up with a solution that we feel will work best for everyone. We’ve incorporated elements that should drive our community to engage more and we made sure its not entirely dependent on uploading videos. In fact, things like clicking on links in our newsletter, gathering “Rumbles” from commenting and just becoming a big part of Rumble as a reader, can now be rewarded.

Our mantra has always been the same; we stick up for creators, protect your videos and provide as much transparency as possible. But now our community membership will include a daily newsletter, and some of the things we will be highlighting in this newsletter are:

  1. Top 3 video of the day,
  2. Rumble's creator of the day,
  3. A top community forum question,
  4. And on Fridays, we'll also announce a user who will get $50 deposited directly into their Rumble account (no catch!)
The criteria to select the user of the week is determined by our staff for outstanding contributions in our forum, rumbles, must have “tried” to uploaded at least one video in the previous 3 months, and is someone who shows to be a true ambassador to Rumble. So get out there and comment, vote and make an impact on every Rumble user with your content and opinions.

Our users can’t win more than once in the same calendar quarter, so everyone has a shot.

The Newsletter will start tomorrow.

Love, Team Rumble
great to hear this