NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!


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I put my email in the subscribe box but it wouldn't accept it. Is it working for everybody else?
I found the newsletter in my spam folder, the E-mail title is “Rumble Daily”. There is an option that says “this is not spam”. After clicking that it goes to my main folder. Hope that helps.


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I put in my email and it says "oops. something went wrong". I tried another email and it went fine, but it's not an email that I check often.
@Mario any reason why my email was not accepted? Maybe the cheque for the autographed Tshirt bounced?


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It definitely isn't in the system. I'm not getting the emails. It doesn't like it for some reason.
It's got to be the bounced cheque, lol
your email showed as bounced in our end so you wouldn't be able to add it again. I'm thinking maybe your email provider has to do something about it.

To fix it I just deleted your email and re added it as new, i'm sure that should work. You won't be able to add it from your end because it's already logged in, but if you don't get these emails in the next few days let me know.


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This is excellent news. I've been hoping for this for a long time. It will encourage content creators to share knowledge and fine tune their own skills. I was hoping maybe an autographed Rumble T-shirt would be available to be won, but $50 is a fantastic incentive too.
Thanks folks!
Yes this new incentive is exciting. I also received my little care package from Rumble yesterday. Thanks Mario.



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Interesting Idea. Rumble Tshirts signed by me are currently $250 if you want to buy one. I need to fund a trip to Galapagos! ???
Too funny. Can I get in on the signing? I need some extra cash too. Getting married in May and heading to Riviera Maya. A great friend from Rumble is coming along, so we both need cashola for more creating....Keep up the great work Mario and Rumble staff.